Business Development


E.C.I.A. Business Growth, Inc.
Revolving Loan Funds (RLF): 
The RLFs are targeted primarily for the purchase of equipment. The objectives of the programs are private sector job creation and capital formation for expansion or start-up projects. The RLFs feature below-market interest rates, filling financial gaps, and leveraging private sector funds. Requirements vary among funds.

SBA 504 Loan Program:
The SBA 504 Loan Program is the Small Business Administration’s economic development financing program that helps American small businesses grow while benefiting communities through tax base expansion, business growth, and job creation. Loans are available for all types of small, for-profit businesses to purchase and/or renovate capital assets including land, buildings, and equipment.

Iowa Economic Development Authority
The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) offers a variety of programs and services to individuals, communities and businesses to attract and grow business, employment and workforce in Iowa. Ground-breaking economic growth strategies focusing on cultivating start-up companies and helping existing companies become more innovative complement the activities underway to retain and attract companies that are creating jobs for Iowans. Developing sustainable, adaptable communities ready for this growth is also an essential part of our work at IEDA — providing programs and resources that help communities reinvest, recover and revitalize to make each community’s vision a reality. Much of what you know about Iowa is true. It’s what you don’t know that sets us apart.


Small Business Development Center

The mission of the Iowa Small Business Development Center is to have a positive impact on the economy of the State of Iowa and its communities. We do this by providing the highest quality assistance to current and future businesses and by collaborating with other federal, state, local and private resources to ensure maximum benefit to clients. The Iowa Small Business Development Center (SBDC) conducts research, counsels, and trains business people in management, financing, and operating small businesses, and provides comprehensive information services and access to experts in a variety of fields.

SCORE, mentors to America’s small business, is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small business start, grow and succeed nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). SCORE offers advice onlineand in-person at it 364 offices nationwide. SCORE Dubuque is housed at the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce.

Greater Dubuque Development is committed to the success of existing businesses. Greater Dubuque staff work with area businesses of all sizes and sectors to assist with their challenges and opportunities. Personal, detailed attention to the needs of area employers is the hallmark of the mission of Greater Dubuque Development.

Iowa Small Business Loan Program
The ISB Loan Program aids Iowa entrepreneurs and Iowa small businesses in their efforts to (1) upgrade or modernize equipment, (2) realize additional efficiencies in their supply chains, (3) improve their distribution and transportation margins, (4) reduce facility costs through increased energy efficiency, and (5) leverage other sources of business financing.

Small businesses that are located in Iowa, are owned, operated and actively managed by an Iowa resident, and have 35 or fewer full-time equivalent employees are eligible to apply to the ISB Loan Program. Eligible businesses must also have a business plan and receive assistance from an Iowa Small Business Development Center or another qualified public or nonprofit business consultant approved by the Iowa Department of Economic Development.


Iowa’s numerous tax benefits will ensure your business has every oportunity to achieve profitability and productivity.

Single-Factor Nonunitary Tax

Iowa’s corporate income tax is a single-factor, nonunitary tax and is based only on the percentage of total sales income within the state. An Iowa manufacturer selling all its products outside Iowa pays no Iowa corporate income tax.

Federal Deductibility

Iowa is one of only five states that offers Federal Deductibility. This allows 50% deductibility of federal taxes on corporate income tax in Iowa.

What You Won’t Pay Taxes On

    • no sales tax on purchases of electricity or natural gas used directly in the manufacturing process
    • no sales or use tax on computer/peripherals used in the processing or storage of data
    • no property tax on manufacturing machinery/equipment/computers
    • no tax assessment on personal property (includes corporate inventories of salable goods, raw materials, and goods in process)

Tax Reduction Programs

These tax reduction programs, available through the State of Iowa, may help your company experience higher profitability: Research and Development Tax Credit, New Jobs Tax Credit, and High Quality Job Creation Program.

Tax Increment Financing:

City councils or boards of supervisors may use the property taxes resulting from the increase in taxable valuation cause by the construction of new industrial or commercial facilities to provide economic development incentives to a business.

Local Tax Abatement:

Iowa law allows cities and counties to abate local property taxes for value added to industrial real estate.

Pollution Control or Recycling Property Tax Exemption:

Improvements to real property that are primarily used to control pollution of air or water, or primarily used for recycling, may qualify for a property tax exemption.